Baby Journal: The Story of… by Yasmeen Ismail


As I was saying yesterday, there are a whole lot of babies due to descend into my social circle soon and I’m thinking the gorgeous Baby Journal: The Story of… by Yasmeen Ismail (Cicada, RRP £14.95) could be the perfect pressie for new parents. I’m well aware that there’s not a whole lot of time for filling out journals when you have a new baby (which is why I’m still loving the Mementobox app), but I do like the quirky nature and the little twists in this one. For example, one spread gives you the option to fill in the names baby was nearly called, there are pages of baby games, little envelopes for keepsakes, you’re invited to write down what makes baby smile, and it’s all beautifully illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail. All in all, it’s a lovely thing that would look just as nice even if you never got round to filling it in! £9.56, Amazon.

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