The Pushchair Track: The Stokke Xplory

Stokke ® Xplory ® PushchairLet me start by saying, I love this pushchair.

The Stokke Xplory is a unique proposition that literally sits above its other counterparts. The high view lifts your child out of car fumes but also lets them have a great view of their surroundings.

Coming in at 10.5kg, which is about average for a travel system (the Bugaboo Chameleon is 9kg and the Quinny Buzz is 12kg), this is one smooth, manoeuvrable, and dare I say it, sexy ride. My friend and I were given a full demo by a member of the Stokke team at the Baby Show last year, and honestly, we didn’t want to leave. She’s not even design or style mad like me and she still wants it (the whole one baby and a toddler close in age thing makes that tricky..).

Suitable from birth, the Stokke Xplory is designed around the central bar which everything extends from, making it quite smooth to fold up or open. In a rather cool move, you can fold the rear wheels so that you can use stairs easily and the forward or rear facing seat has 5 positions and the depth of the seat and footrest height can be adjusted. Because of the high seat, it can used as a highchair when you’re out and about or even at home at the table, if that’s your thang.

stokke xplory cream with carrycotThe handlebar is height and angle adjustable so you can get your optimum push position, it’s got a shock absorber which helps to minimise vibrations and also impact from bumps, and it’s got the raincover and shopping basket included.

I love the futuristic style of the pushchair and it’s definitely aimed at urbanites although I’d have no problem strutting along in this in my Surrey country town. It’s very design led with a focus on innovation, especially in the form which challenges our expectations of what pushchairs are supposed to look like, and let’s face it, in terms of out and out style innovation, this baby wins hands down.

It can used as a 3 in 1 travel system in conjunction with a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix seat and the Baby Bag Carrycot.

Celebrities that push include new mum Minnie Driver, Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox Arquette, Tori Spelling (Liam), Heidi Klum (Henry), Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Claudia Schiffer, and more.

The RRP for the pushchair is £599 and with the carrycot it’s £731.

A reliable spot to purchase from is Back In Action who are also Stokke specialists. It’s £490 for the pushchair and £640 with the carrycot plus you can buy all of the accessories although you’ll need to buy the carseat elsewhere.

Ideal for: Urbanites, especially those in smoggy London, style and design fiends.

Bang for your style buck: Excellent – If this had been out when the bambino was on the way, I’d have been all over this like a rash. It’s got 6 delicious colours and on frame alone, this is a seriously hot pushchair.

Weight range: Medium…for a travel system.

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  1. Good job you don’t know it was out…

  2. When Pregnant with Sophie (baby no4!) and My son being only 2 & a half.. I really struggled with choosing either the Xplory or the Bugaboo Cameleon.
    I Chose the Bugaboo as it had a Buga’board’ for my son to ride on if he got tired from walking,(I detest Doubles!!) And I only used it for about 4 months.. as He loved walking!!! Had I anticipated this or trained him to walk from an earlier age, I would DEF have chosen the Xplory instead!
    It is the BEST! I still want one now! I have a Bee and its fab for being Nimble, but the thought of having my daughter High up close to me and being able to see things so much more clearly.. Makes me want not do Xmas and Blow all my money on one!!! haha
    If you do have a toddler close in age to baby #2 etc.. it might not be the 1st choice, But think about how long you’ll need a double? or buggy Board type pram.. as This Def has more BANG for Bucks than spending a lot on a Pram/pushchair you’ll soon replace.
    (had they had a Stokke in the shop the day I bought my Bee, I wouldn’t be writing about how much i WANT one, but how much I LOVE mine!!!)
    Buy An Xplory…. But not in Orange… That’s MINE!!! hahahaha!!!!

  3. Kat – It was indeed but not till after we’d ordered our pushchair and the limited stock was sold out!
    Natalie – I suspected you were a lover of this pushchair too! I’m not ordering a new pushchair till Feb/March so you never know…At the moment it’s a Phil & Ted’s Vibe that we’re planning to get… You’ve given me some food for thought though…

  4. Sigrun Campbell says:

    I have an xplory and I cant praise it enough! My daughter is 8 months now and she never gets bored being in it. I hear so many stories about babies getting tired and not wanting to be in the buggy for that long with the xplory I dont have to worry about that I leave her in there and off we go. I can be out all day that she does not mind being in it…we do take a few breaks. It is really good for those with back problems, tall people, etc..It is also great to use as a highchair! I think its well worth the investment as your childs development will really gain from this as they can see so much more and not just other people feet! I heard from Stokke that they are bringing out a board for child number two to ride on. Although it does already have a small board that does that. I think he said it will come out summer 09 so watch for it! If you are shy dont get this as everyday I go out at least one person asks me about it!

  5. ~Hi
    I am really curious about the board for a toddler to ride on…I wrote to Stokke UK a few weeks ago and they told me that they couldnt recommend anything like this, but I have a baby due in Sept and REALLY dont want to sell my Stokke for a double !
    If you have any info, could you let me know !?


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