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mash n gravy room tour

Shopping fiends amongst us are no doubt aware of one of our favourite online boutiques, Glasgow-based Mash N Gravy. We’ve often ducked and dived away from saccharine pinks and blues, but what is so wonderful about the space, is that although it’s a blue-fest, turquoise in fact, it’s totally not patronising and uses a mixed of child sized furniture mixed with adult pieces to perfect a contemporary yet very relaxed appeal. The fabulously funny owner Julie has shared her youngest son Innes (3) fabulously blue bedroom and fills us in on how she’s achieved the look. His older brother Ruaraidh (5) also features – aren’t they both so cool!?!

mash n gravy room tour doorwaymash n gravy room tour

How Would you describe the space?Overwhelmingly blue! Our home is largely monochromatic, much to my children’s disgust therefore, it seems only fair that they should have plenty of colour in their own space. As the room is on the small side, I felt that by incorporating ‘BONK’ beds as Innes calls them, he would have an additional platform on which to play and create a den or hideout.

mash n gracy room tour with habitat bunkbed

Did you have a set plan for the room or has it evolved?

When I was pregnant with my first child, now five years old, we were lucky to have the use of a family heirloom as a cot. It is over 80 years old, made in Uganda from native hardwood and was used initially by my mother-in-law’s cousins and then passed down. The room therefore, took it’s cue from the cot in it’s phase as a nursery and featured colonial style furniture, voluminous Wymess drapes and a chandelier. Innes then progressed to a teak sleigh bed, however it was my husband who suggested that the room should be less formal and more fun.

mash n gravy

Have you enjoyed decorating the space?

I love to decorate and dress my home, I’m only sorry that this room isn’t bigger.

Any future plans?

I really don’t want to think about the next step, to be perfectly honest as it would involve imagining my baby boy, somewhat older than he is now. The room is a perfect size for a toddler or two, but I can’t imagine a gangly teenage boy in the space. Within the next few weeks I have resolved to attend to Ruaraidh’s room. He’s five and likes pirates and robots. Any suggestions?

mash n gravy room tour

mash n gravy room tourWhere did you buy the key pieces for the room?

We are fans of Habitat as you may have guessed, particularly for our children. Their pieces represent good value and will last until Innes is ready for something more grown up. The large pieces are from Habitat as well as the rug, pebble and number lights, Buzz ceiling pendant, toy airport and treehouse. The bedding is Katvig, organic cotton. Shelves and storage, Ikea.

The free standing blackboard was rescued from a skip behind a school and was given a fresh coat of blackboard paint and the vintage stool is a machinists, from the Singer Sewing Machine factory, now closed in Glasgow. The artwork is by Ruaraidh and letters on the windowsill and within the picture frames are from RE. Mummy dolls are from Camel and Yak.

Any tips?

I couldn’t live with colour on the walls in my home and I find that a neutral backdrop is very forgiving when children’s favourite playthings are all thrown into one space. The room still retains an heir of calm although there are lots of colourful pieces.
Begin with the key pieces and work from there whether new or existing. In a child’s room the furniture has to be robust enough to endure the odd scribble or knock therefore, I think that spending a fortune often leads to heartache, as it’s almost inevitable that it will not remain pristine forever. Toys and accessories will change frequently in a child’s room, therefore I feel that it is better not to have an overwhelming theme. Displaying art work, makes the child feel that he is contributing to his own space and can be changed regularly.
Thanks to Julie at Mash N Gravy and her lovely boys for sharing this space. If you’d like to take part in our room tours, get in touch on team AT bambinogoodies DOT co DOT uk.


  1. Love the room! where did you get the brightly coloured bean bags from? Do they do them in red?

  2. Samsmum says:

    Love the room and the blackboard, that is very impressive. I am thinking of getting one for my son’s room. Where did you get the monkey hanging from the door handle? We are liking him alot.

  3. Love the blue! I have a thing for turquoise. Especially with kids!!

  4. Nicky, the beanbags are Fatboy Junior and are available from Fatboy’s online store, in any colour you can name including red.

  5. Samsmum, the chimp is a Rosendahl Monkey, available from My biggest regret is not rescuing the second blackboard from the same skip!

  6. Love this room and the color!
    x Trina

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