Rolobox – Transform Cardboard Boxes Into Pull-Along Toys

The amount of online shopping that goes on in this house means that a lot of cardboard boxes end up in the recycling bin, so I like this idea for reusing them. Rolobox (£6.99 from Amazon, but available from lots of independent toy shops) consists of four corner pieces, four wheels, eight nuts and bolts and a string which, when attached to a cardboard box, transform it into a mobile storage unit. Ideal for hiding/moving toys out of the way and appealing to little ones because they can pull it along themselves.

Get clever with the boxes and go wild with the paint and scissors to  create cars, buses, trains, dinosaurs… Whatever the latest fad in your household is. And when that fad’s over, all you need is another cardboard box – genius. In summary, a handy little gadget that might just make your home a little tidier and entertain your child in the meantime. I’m sold.


  1. dratsum says:

    i’m sure i saw this in the argos book. i’m off to check!

  2. This is such an ace idea!!!


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