Review: Ella’s Kitchen Sauces and Smoothies

Ella's Kitchen The Indian One Kids Sauce

Natalie writes…

I’m a big fan of Ella’s Kitchen, an organic range of baby food that comes in these fab little pouches that you can squeeze the pureed food out of. The food is yummy, wholesome, and made purely of the food so nothing artificial whatsoever has been added.

They were brilliant when we were on the go with the bambino and I’ve missed them since she became too old for them, so of course I was delighted when Ethical Superstore sent me a few smoothies and one of their sauces to try out.

Ella’s Kitchen The Indian One Kids Sauce is a mild korma-style curry sauce which contains organic tomatoes, carots, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, onions, coriander, and dashes of lemon juice, cinnamon, and cumin. It tastes fab! How do I know this? I ate some of the bambino’s food of course! My local Indian takeaway could take a few tips from these guys! This is one of three sauces (there’s Indian, American, and Italian) which you can just squeeze over their food such as rice and pasta plus meat and veg, and voila, their meal has gone to a whole new level. The bambino is going through an awkward dinner phase where she wants food on her terms but once I got a mouthful in, she chomped down the rest! The sauces are £1.59 each

She also tried out their smoothies The Red One and The Green One, which are made up of crushed fruit and nothing else, so they aren’t even diluted with water. The Red One for instance contains strawberries, raspberries, apples, and bananas. The fact that the bambino sees one of these and opens her mouth for me to squeeze some in, is testament to how much she likes them! These are 75p per pouch.

Value for Money – Like most ready made food, if you were to use it day in day out, it would be pretty pricey, however, as organic baby food goes, I think that the range is overall excellent value for money and certainly one of the cheaper options. You can put them in fridge and use within 24-48 hours, depending on which product it is as well.

Overall – I’m still as big a fan of Ella’s Kitchen as ever and I think their sauces are yet another innovative idea because they’re brilliant for when you go travelling or just want to make a meal totally different. They’re Soil Association certified and suitable for vegans so you’ve got peace of mind too.

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Major thumbs up from me with a 5/5.

See the range at Ethical Superstore.

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