Probably the best baby name site ever: Nameberry

Nameberry - the unique baby name guide by the world_s leading experts
Natalie writes…

Ooh, it’s great! Now that the pregnancy cat is out of the bag, I can speak freely! Woohoo! One of our big tasks will of course be choosing a name. I have to say, when the boyf and I decided to start researching baby names for the bambino, we quickly became very bored. I, being a bit of shopaholic purchased three books and really, they were all useless!

At the time the baby name sites we looked at were pants too but that certainly can’t be said with Nameberry which is a guide to unique baby names that have been combined from experts in cool names.

Now it is a bit Americanised but there is no disputing that the names are certainly ‘unique’ and it is by far, the coolest baby name website I’ve ever come across.

Whilst I was typing this post, I saw the names ‘Remember’ ‘Gray’ ‘Phynley’ ‘Elmo’ (sweet baby Jesus and the angels!), ‘Durango’ ‘Burgundy’ ‘Fortune’ ‘Allegro’ ‘Crispin’ ‘Wolf’ and ‘Countess’ but to name a few. Now I actually know of someone who called their child…wait for it…’Frodo’ and she is testament to the fact that many of us want to give our children cool and unique names, or just damn wacky in her case!

They have a brilliant section called Hot Lists which has lists like ‘Bad Girls’, Bird Names, Italian Names Beyond Giovanni & Giuseppe, and Names That Mean Powerful, which oddly enough are mostly made up of boy names…

try it bambino goodies logoI shall be featuring the books tomorrow that inspired the site but in the meantime, do check out Nameberry – I know I’m going to on there a lot! If you’re a bit of a statistician and want to monitor baby name trends, also check out Kat’s post about The Baby Wizard.

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  1. Oooh, hot tip! Will be taking a look ASAP although we might well have a couple of names signed and sealed…..

    I’ll be writing about the book: The Baby Name Wizard soon as it is terrific.

    Kat x

  2. Thanks–we really appreciate your kind words about nameberry!!!
    Linda & Pam


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