Poppet and Me Bubbles Gift Basket

Poppet and Me Bubbles Gift BasketKat writes…

Oh yes, pregnant friends are on the hot list which means we will soon be buying newborn gifts aplenty.

I think gift baskets are easy to get wrong because the balance is so hard to strike. Poppet and Me make fabulous gift baskets and know how to pack them full of perfectly chosen goodies.

The Bubbles Gift Basket would be my top choice. You get: Organics for Kids Newborn nightgown, Delicately Patterned Cream Blanket, NooNoo Buggy Blanket, Mother Earth Organic Body Soak, Mother Earth Organic New Baby Balm and a Trousselier Dotty Rabbit Set with not one but three toys. It all comes in a good sized basket which you can use for toys.

Mother Earth New Baby Balm

The basket costs £75.95 which includes wrapping, card and delivery.


  1. Patricia says:

    £75 for a basket of goods that involve nothing of luxury, only cheap quality items that are overpriced because one chooses to take advantage of the ‘organic’ or ‘eco-friendly’ label, is the most ludicrous thing I have heard of. Pregnant women deserve better than this, especially for that price-tag.

  2. OK Patricia, here is the deal. This is a website that highlights products in varying price ranges from £1 up into the 5 digits. You are not shopping for everyone and if you don’t like the basket, that is absolutely fine. Don’t buy it. Click off the page. Whatever. But don’t comment like you speak for all women because *that* is the most ludicrous thing that *I* have ever heard of. People *receive* gifts because people club together and buy them. People buy what they feel like buying. No-one, least of all the author of this post is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it.
    You are not the person to decide what every pregnant woman gets and as you have used a fake email address to comment on *my* site, I think it is pretty *ludicrous* that you would suggest that the retailer, this site, or anyone who chooses to sell something that doesn’t suit you is ‘taking advantage of you’, which is what you put in your fake, email address…


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