Original Sister

Jinx - Favourite Hooded Sweat Dress by Original Sister Liv – Rock Chic Denim Dress by Original Sister

Although here at BG we’re still dedicated fans of popping brights and quirky prints, there’s definitely been an increasing trend of understated, high quality staples that can of course be mixed with more vibrant accessories.

Original Sister is a recently launched clothing brand for girls 2-12 years with a simple concept of neutral, contemporary basics to form a capsule wardrobe. Founder Alison Spence has two daughters and frustrated with buying far too much clothes each season, she wanted to focus on designing a few key pieces that can be reached for again and again. I can see a lot of value in this as you do end up putting certain pieces to work again and again.

Domino - Tailored Ribbed Cardigan by Original Sister

The range features dresses (my standout favourite), tops and tees, skirts, leggings, and knitwear. I love the ‘Jinx’ hooded dress (£29.99) which is deliciously soft grey marl with a lined contrast plum hood and ruched at the chest for great fit. Jostling for first place is the rock meets Dynasty inspired ‘Liv’ denim dress (£35.99) – the sleeves and neck are fabulous. Another hit is the tailored ribbed ‘Domino’ cardigan (£31.99) which instantly chics up an outfit with its clever rib detailing on the cuffs and waist and works well with the other pieces in the range but will also work well with bolder pieces in their wardrobe. Original Sister has a small but well mixed collection that actually manages to cater to a few tastes and sits comfortably in the mid priced range. It will be interesting to see what else they come up with but they should definitely do more dresses and cardi’s.

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