New Ikea Junior bed

New season arrivals in Ikea always bring one or two gems (hello yellow Billy!) and this sweet Sundvik toddler bed is an excellent addition to their range.

The design is simple as we have come to expect from the Swedish giant of interiors. The raised sides have a double effect of providing a bed guard and an element of den about the bed. The dip in the centre allows the child to climb in and out independently and is mirrored on both sides because practical and symmetrical are both pleasing.

They come in at £89 without mattress and are available in black, grey-brown and white. You can purchase online but delivery charges and areas are variable.


  1. I love it! And inexpensive enough to have a go at painting it if you’d like brighter colours.

  2. Love the shape of these beds. I am in the process of changing my toddler from a cot to a bed :)

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