New from Olli Ella: The Go-go

Last week Natalie went to the official Olli Ella launch party where the newest nursing chair in the Olli Ella stable was unveiled. The Go-go glider is as chic and desirable as its predecessors the Mo-ma and Da-da.

What sets it apart is that it is designed to be made to a shorter lead time for those of us who just can’t wait for a smooth glide. It comes in a range of around five colours in set combinations and combines both the high back of the Mo-ma with the angular styling of the Da-da. Having spent rather more time than I should have relaxing in Olli Ella chairs over the weekend, I can tell you that they are unbelievably comfy and as gorgeous as they look.

The Go-go glider is available to order now at £825 and will be on the Olli Ella site next week. I also happen to know there is a second super hot chair on the way and we will bring you news as soon as it is available.

If like me, you are dying to get your hands on an Olli Ella then this next piece of news is for you: tomorrow morning at 9am sharp Olli Ella are having a sample sale. There are six chairs up for grabs with a 20% discount on the price. Take a look in the gallery below for the images and prices of the chairs available (click to enlarge). You can find the sale on their blog at 9am on Wednesday February 2nd 2011 – good luck!


  1. If I’d discovered Olli Ella earlier in my pregnancy, I’d definitely have put my maternity grant towards one of these fabulous chairs… there is a chair in my little one’s room just screaming to have one of these…. large sigh… maybe if I have a third……


  1. […] have been championing Olli Ella since way back when here, and over at Nest Goodies and Bambino Goodies. They’re sleek, stylish, and oh-so comfortable. This one, the Mo-ma glider will be the […]

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