My A-Z iPhone app from Night & Day Studios

It’s always a little bit exciting to discover that Night & Day Studios (creators of Peekaboo Barn, Wild and Forest) have a new app out. The premise behind My A-Z is simple but, frankly, genius. You have the letters of the alphabet with traditional objects – A is for apple, B is for boat, C is for compass (oh, ok, not that traditional) represented by clean, contemporary illustrations.

But, the brilliant twist is that you can customise each letter with your own colours, photographs and even sounds. We have A is for Alfie, D is for Daddy, G is for George, M is for Mummy and P is for Peggy so far, each with their own photo, and we’re going to add favourite toys next.

Get Grandpa to sing a song to go with his photo, record the dog barking, add dual objects words for learning a second language. You can also email the cards. Hours of fun to be had for £1.49, The App Store.

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