Mini ice-cream shop… or open-topped building

Mouta ice cream shop

We all know that, provided with nothing else, kids will play with three pebbles and a bit of string. That is the beauty of open-ended toys like this piece from Mouta. It’s sold as “a small open-topped building… or an ice cream shop?” – the question mark is theirs.

I could form a theory that it’s the toys with question marks attached to them are the ones that will be played with the longest – but instead, let me just say that a simple shape that can be a shop, a kitchen, a market stall, a puppet theatre… or whatever your child desires, well, that’s worth its weight in gold (or indeed the Mouta asking price of €200.00).

And when it’s as attractive as this one is, the parents certainly won’t mind having it around, either.

Mouta ice cream shop

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