Mawok Baby Hammock

skitched-20090624-084750.jpgmawok baby hammock on a door

Don’t get me wrong, I love our Miyo baby hammock (I’m convinced it’s the reason our little one slept through so early), but I couldn’t help but go slightly gaga over the Mawok , a new contender in the swinging cradle market from Sweden. Like most Scandinavian things, it has exquisite design details – crisp white is juxtaposed with a cute but never saccharine ‘Monkeys in Love’ pattern in oh-so-70s orange or brown colourways.

But this is not a case of style over substance, the Mawok has all the elements that make hammocks perfect first beds – a soft and secure sleeping space and the soothing rocking motion invaluable for comforting babies.

Unlike the Miyo which is suspended from an, admittedly impressive, arty wooden stand, the Mawok is fixed to the wall (near your bed so you can reach out and rock your baby in the night) making it ideal for small spaces. At just 3kg, it’s really lightweight, comes in a matching monkey-printed bag and has fittings for door frames so you don’t have to wean your baby into a cot if you’re going away while they’re still tiny. The site suggests suspending it with rope from a tree, but you might want to limit this to your travels to sunnier climes!

hot buy bambino goodiesThe hammock itself costs 2190 Swedish Kronor (about £165) including wall and door attachments, bedding and carry bag, while the bedding set alone will set you back 290 SEK (£22) and a mosquito net 199 SEK (£15). A small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.


  1. I’m interested to know whether the curvature of the mattress would have any ill-effect on the baby’s spine. It does look *very* curved in these pictures.

  2. I had thought the same thing myself. Not only spine but breathing. Would be interesting to know what ‘official’ line is on this.

  3. Interesting point. I know that the Miyo has been approved by paediatric doctors and chiropractors, but it doesn’t look as curved. They don’t recommend you use it after 9 months of age as the spine starts to strengthen then and it’s more important for babies to lie completely flat.

    This is what it says on the Mawok site:
    ‘Because the baby lies accross, and not along the soft hammock, the curved profile of Mawok dissapears when you place a baby in it. This means that the soft hammock flattens, adjusts to, and supports the baby’s back so that it can sleep safely and snugly.’

  4. Hi,

    Glad to see that you’re discussing Mawok! :)

    As Lucy has already pointed out, the curved profile of Mawok flattens out when you place a baby in it. The reason for this is because we place the baby accross the white net. Picture that you lie in a hammock yourself; if you lie along the hammock you will be curved like a banana. Now instead picture that you lie accross the hammock, and the space that you lie upon is almost flat. Same thing with Mawok and the baby, ie the baby is placed accross the net, and the sleeping space for the baby becomes almost flat. The head can come up a bit, the spine is flat and the baby’s bottom – which is the heaviest area – pushes the legs forward and up.

    The baby lies snugly, safely and comfortably. Just like they like it! 😉

  5. Hello, I would like to purchase the white and yellow hammock would you know where I can order it please help thank you

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