Mama Feels Good Breastfeeding and Maternity Tees

Island Black Breastfeeding Top by Mamafeelsgood Lips Grey Breastfeeding TShirt by Mamafeelsgood

Whilst I’ve bought some maternity clothing in the past, I’ve never bought breastfeeding tops because until now, many just weren’t in my style. But I shall be having a finger clicking good time at Mama Feels Good, where they have original, graphical (and some plain) tees for both maternity and breastfeeding (there’s a hidden under vest), that don’t look like they are made for these purposes.

hot buy bambino goodiesEdgy and cool enough to be featured in Vogue, they’re in sizes 8-18 and prices start from £16.99 for a short sleeved maternity tee. Love it!


  1. They are really lovely tees – great choice :-)

  2. I adore this T-Shirt: – thanks for the post. Any more maternity wear recommendations? :)

  3. I’ve just got one of these in the sale – ultra-soft cotton and look even better in real life! I would highly recommend and will be buying more. Thanks for a great find.

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