makedo kit

If like me, you’ve amassed quite a bit of cardboard and are looking for creative ways to use it with your child, you’ll love MakedoIt’s a kit of reusable connectors that lets you create with the stuff around you – think cardboard, plastic, and fabric for instance, that can be joined together to create new objects.
A clever and fantastically eco friendly way of helping to reuse found materials and inspire further creativity, each kit has pins, hinges, and a very handy tool for cutting the cardboard.
The connectors themselves are all reusable and they come in a recycled cardboard tube with an inspiration poster. The site has a PDF for the dollhouse and other ideas plus they can make costumes, decorations, play furniture – the possibilities are endless.
There are various sizes of kit and they suggest that these are suitable from 4 years with some adult help. I like things that don’t impose a certain type of play, so Makedo has instant appeal.
Available in various sized kits starting from US$25 with free shipping. For another example of very creative play that appeals to adults, check out MillerGoodman’s PlayShapes and Shape Maker.

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