Love Mae Fabric Wall Stickers


Last week we featured fabulous children’s bedsheets from The Quick Brown Fox of Dulwich and I couldn’t resist another delve into their store to bring you these amazing fabric wall stickers from Love Mae. I had previously thought Love Mae were only available from international shops or on Etsy but luckily for us I’ve found their exclusive UK stockist.


These wall stickers are unique in their design as they use fabric rather than vinyl. Not only is fabric far more tactile it is more durable. They are coated which makes the washable – handy for when your toddler has ‘enhanced’ the design. They are completely removable and reusable so you can arrange and rearrange the scene to your heart’s content – apparently they can even be scrunched up and still not be thwarted.

I am loving the use of abstract pattern rather than block colour it definitely lends some chic to the images. The packs are varied in design with something to suit both traditional girls and boys as well as plenty of non-gender specific. I’m not sure I could choose between the dinosaurs (above right) which are spectacular and the forest critters (top) for our playroom. We have previously featured another favourite, the dress up dolls, as one of our Etsy finds.

Prices start at £19.95 and go up to £79.95 from The Quick Brown Fox Of Dulwich.


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