Limited Edition Trunki Tipu the Tiger

Trunki Tipu the Tiger Ride-On Suitcase (Limited Edition)

Every time I see a Trunki, the tow along suitcase for toddlers that also doubles as a ride-on, I always think of the short sighted Dragons Den lot probably kicking themselves.

I’ve been wondering when a new edition would be released as it feels like the others have been around forever and their latest incarnation has finally arrived in the form of the limited edition Tipu the Tiger, which as you’d expect is in a lairy orange and black.

Suited from age 3 to 6 years, the award winning and highly popular Trunki, is hand luggage sized with a spacious 18 litre capacity. I’ve seen them in use in various airports and they certainly make travelling fun and provide on the spot seating when you get that annoying wait at passport control and your pushchair, for instance, has been put down with the baggage.

£34.99 from Amazon in our BG Amazon Store.


  1. I think the same, and actually on the follow up shows, detailing the Dragons’ lives. Peter Jones came in for some right stick from his kids, and he admitted that they right, and him, wrong.

    At the time though I don’t think it was pitched as well as it could be, as I think it can even be sold as a toy to use at your destination, without taking any.

    I am yet to buy one, but I definitely see one in our future.

    • Hi SingleParentDad – You are right about the pitch although they really crucified him over the prototype performance so they demonstrated a definite lack of vision! I’m sure I’ll end up getting one for the bambino at some point. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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