Inspiration: Repurpose Ikea’s Magnetic Knife Rack into Toy Car Storage

magnetic knife rack from ikea storing matchbox cars

If like quite a few people I know, you’ve been buying old metal Matchbox cars from charity shops and on eBay etc for your vroom vroom loving little one, you’ll love this rather cool repurposing of Ikea’s magnetic knife rack (£7.14) into a parking garage that also doubles up as winning decor.

Source The Style Files via Pinterest


  1. That is a really fab idea, I think I will use that one. Might be worth noting with these old cars though to be aware of lead paints- its a hazard I came across recently :)

  2. What a fab idea. J would love this, as he ALWAYS loses his cars !

  3. What a grear idea for boys. Im just wondering if if would work for all my daughters hairclips??

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