Hot Off The Press: Quinny by Henrik Vibskov collection to be sold exclusively by Harrods


It was just two weeks ago when I raved about the new Henrik Vibskov collection for Quinny and bemoaned the fact that it seemed like it was just destined for a select few countries in Europe. I was booing and hissing away to myself but it turns out that it is going to be sold in the UK. Woohoo!

From the beginning of November, Harrods will be exclusively stocking the collection. I don’t have prices yet will update as soon as I hear a peep about them. Until then, you’ll just have to play the waiting game. Better still, check out the collection at Quinny Design.


  1. jacqui jackson says:

    Hi, please update with prices for the new quinny collection to be sold in harrods!
    thankyou so much!

  2. I was there a few days ago and the Buzz was just shy of £1000.

    For that kind of money I’d be expecting someone to push it too!

  3. Wowee – I’m with you there Klyve! Although it is beautiful….

  4. jacqui jackson says:

    ive heard the dreami carrycot is over £500 and the pushchair is around £800!!!

    Think Ill just invest in a plain one!


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