Great Ikea Hack: Build your own pretend play kitchen from Vika Furusund

pretend play kitchen made from ikea's Vika Furusund  

VIKA FURUSUNDI was so impressed with this mum’s first try at ‘hacking’ an Ikea product and creating a whole new design that I had to feature it. Can you believe that the pretend play kitchen pictured above started out as Ikea’s Vika Furusund (£21.53), pictured on the left?

Now it’s not the simplest of projects as there’s drilling, hinges, and all sorts of Blue Peter come Changing Rooms moments going on there, but if you fancy trying your hand at creating your own custom built number for your toddler, you can find out Lisa did it over on her blog. Obviously send us pics when you’re done!

via Ikea Hacker


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