Everybody Poos book by Taro Gomi

Everybody Poos (Paperback) By (author) Taro Gomi

taro gomi

Thanks to my brother (fondly known as Uncle Titty from when Saria couldn’t say ‘Richie’ properly), the kids love talking about poo and falling around in giggles which in turn reminds me of when I did the same thing as a child. After Myf’s post on How do you explain really tricky stuff? over on Babygadget, I picked up Japanese author and illustrator Taro Gomi’s ‘Everybody Poos’ book.

Opening up with ‘An elephant makes a big poo. A mouse takes a tiny poo.’ and leading you through an array of animals and poo types as well as showing a dad on the toilet, a toddler on a potty, to a baby having their nappy changed, it also helps children connect what they do with their environment and the world beyond.

Managing to take what can be an unpleasant subject (for adults anyway) and make it very amusing and informative with scrumptious visuals that remind me of storybooks from own childhood, it’s also a simple lesson in biology and animals, as well as removing some mystery for little people with questions or angst about potty training or using the toilet.

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