Day 7: The Great Autumn Winter Coat Hunt – Supermarket Cheap

ASDA girls mac
Natalie writes…

All this talk of ‘budgeting’ and ‘saving’ and ‘credit crunch’ means that as I research goodies for BG as well as Budget Bambino Goodies, I am discovering that the supermarkets have some cheap and cheerful offerings. Here are a couple from giants Asda and Tesco:

Girls Mac from Asda

Not one for winter but certainly suitable for autumnal days sans a bite, this will work with a variety of clothing. The bambino has a purple one from Gap with a liberty type print that cost more than double. Get the look for less at £8. You could if you’re the enterprising sort, change the buttons to lift the look. Available in sizes birth to 18 months.

green puffa jacket for boys from tesco

Boys Puffa Jacket from Tesco

I see that despite the fact that Tesco likes to have its finger in every pie that they don’t sell their clothing online or feature much of it, so this was the only coat we could feature. It’s £14, we have no idea what’s it’s made from but they do go for the ‘distressed look’ when it comes to Cherokee.

With the exception of Asda, the best (and only) way to see what Tesco and Sainsbury’s have in their clothing range is to hotfoot it down to your local (large) store. If you’ve snagged a bargain, let us know at contact at


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