Coming soon… Nosy Crow: Stories Aloud

Another brilliant idea from our clever chums over at publishing house Nosy Crow. They’re already doing the book thing and the app thing, so they put their heads together and came up with a way to add a digital element to the picture book experience. Et voila! Say hello to Stories Aloud – each book comes with a QR code which, when scanned, will enable you to hear the story on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. I anticipate this being brilliant for the car, when it’s not always possible to respond to requests to read stories. There’s also the option to download the story from iTunes to listen to later or when you don’t have a connection, for 99p. I love the use of children’s voices and the additional sound effects and music bring a touch of originality. There are currently seven titles available with Stories Aloud – choose from two Pip and Posy tales (by Axel The Gruffalo Scheffler), The Princess and the Peas by Cary Hart and Sarah Warburton, Leigh Hodgkinson’s Goldiocks and Just the One Bear, Penny Dale’s Dinosaur Dig! and Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble! and Whizz Pop, Granny Stop! by Tracey Corderory and Joe Berger – but it will be used on every new publication and rolled out to include the Nosy Crow backlist in the future.




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