Changing Bags from Pink Lining

large blossom yummy mummy changing bagYummy Mummy Alert – you need one of these bags! Designed by Charlotte Pearl when she couldn’t find the perfect changing bag for a special event, these bags are possibly the cutest on the market.

Their signature Yummy Mummy Bag is an enduring favourite. Packed with stylish and functional features you will not be disappointed. It has all the pockets for your nappies and bottles as well as your Blackberry, plus it has a changing mat and detachable wet bag for used nappies. As the name suggests, it is lined with shocking pink wipe clean fabric. £65 from Pink Lining.

Storks Travel Changing Mat by Yummy MummyA recent addition to the collection is the Travel Changing Mat. A highly portable mat roll with enough space for a few nappies and wipes. I love this and have one myself. I think it looks more like a clutch bag and it is always admired when we’re out and about. £25.

Pink Lining have many different bag styles and in my books, is the first name in changing bags.


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