Blast from the past: The Papoose by Bill Amberg

Bill Amberg PapooseNatalie writes…

Oh to be rich…or at least well off enough to spend three figures on a ‘papoose’.

The Papoose by Bill Amberg has been around for a while and is considered to be the creme de la creme of designer baby slings. Suitable from birth to 22lbs, this fabulous baby carrier is made from soft washable babycare sheepskin and bridle leather, with suede straps and nickel fittings. It can be worn with baby facing you or facing out and it comes in a wide selection of colours including baby pink, baby blue, and black. It says that the sheepskin is breathable making it cool in summer and warm in winter but I do wonder if it could still stay cool on a scorchio day with a load of body heat.

They start at £325 at the Bill Amberg Store.

bill amberg gold papoose

Unbelievably, you can get the gold version for a grand although it is out of stock. Always one to be suspicious of the price of designer gear in the UK, I checked out US site Vivre where they stock it exclusively online in the US, and discovered that it’s $1100! The shame of it! That’s half the price! Fortunately they deliver to the UK for $60 which is a bargain when you think of what you could have spent at the Bill Amberg store. There are only ten available and these are lined in posh natural fibres with gold straps and there are seemingly a limited edition of ten.

Who knows how comfortable The Papoose is because this is definitely a designer statement where form probably takes precedence over function.

Ideal for: Show offs.


  1. I like the look but like you Natalie, I wonder just how comfy it is!!

    Going to shoot off and take a look at the site now.

  2. If only we were celebrities or loaded, we could find out for ourselves… I imagine with a few flunkies running behind you, comfort doesn’t always have to be your primary concern 😉

  3. I am very fortunate to actually own one of these!

    My aunty gave me one when I told her I was expecting! She was quite well off when my cousin’s were younger and she had it for them. I saw the name brnded in and decided to check it out! It is really comfy actually and my partner loves to take a stroll with our little one in it!

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