Belly Belt Combo & Belly Slide

belly beltNatalie writes…

I have reached the stage of tight jeans syndrome much sooner in this pregnancy than I did first time around. I know I’ll order maternity jeans but I am looking around at jeans extenders too.

These Belly Belt Combo & Belly Slide kits whilst they aren’t the most attractive looking things, seem like a possible.

For £13.50 you get a stretchy belt and a coloured panel that attaches to the buttons on your clothes and fits over the opening. It’s got 2 bellybelt button up on fasteners, 2 slide fasteners (this for stuff with slide and clasp fasteners), and a 3 panels in black, denim, and white.

Sounds like it could be worth a try although it’s time to start wearing longer tops…

From Mumstuff


  1. Lydia Donnachie says:

    I was in my local tk maxx today and they had these for £6.99. thought i’d pass the tip on!

  2. Thanks for the tip off! I shall be popping down there tomorrow! x

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