Belle and Boo Cushions


For those of you who know me will know I have a hard time keeping exciting news to myself. So keeping quiet about the latest products from one of my favourite companies for the last six months has been tough – I know, I deserve a medal… Belle & Boo have just launched their first range of cushions featuring the whimsical illustrations of Mandy Sutcliffe.

The My Favourite Spot series has been transformed with co-ordinating fabric and contrasting ribbon ties (close-up below). The charming line drawn rabbit Boo has also been fluffed up into a plumptious beauty (pictured above). Each of the cushions is embellished with hand stitched embroidery. They measure 40 x 40 cm and come with a duck feather cushion pad. I love how they were arranged for Top Drawer last autumn (above) that is a bedroom I would love to inhabit. The cushions cost £42 each and are available now with the exception of Boo who is on pre-order.

So if you were impressed that I kept this secret then I hope you forgive me for holding out on you again as there is more to come very soon…



  1. you certainly do deserve a medal, Thank you so much for the write up, we really appreciate it :)

  2. Not at all, you know we are creepy stalk fans of Belle & Boo ;)

  3. These are simply gorgeous!


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