Back to School 10 Best: school bags

Gone are the days when a Head sports bag was the school tote of choice (showing my age here). Nowadays, there is a huge range of options available, from the traditional leather satchel (with a contemporary update, natch) to an animal backpack. If you’re school shopping this weekend, don’t forget to check out our other back to school round-ups for lunchboxes, water bottles, shoes and pencil cases.

Coq en Pate organic cotton bag, €50, Shak-Shuka. Practical and pretty with an inside pocket for secret notes. Want.

Leather satchel, from £80, The Leather Satchel Company. Yes, the price is ouchy, but it’s a timeless classic. Opt for a neon shade for a modern twist.

Oilcloth rucksack, £28, Cath Kidston. The Queen of print has done it again with this vibrant vintage print – nee nar!

Organic cotton backpack, £25, Indikidual. It’s a little bit crazy and a lot cool – me likey.

Miniséri Galaxy school bag, €59, Mes Habits Cheris. Our friends across The Channel certainly know how to do a school bag.

SkipHop Zoo dinosaur backpack, £19.95, Igloo Kids. There’s a reason Zoo backpacks are so popular – easy to clean, loads of compartments and an integral name tag.

Your Way canvas rucksack, £20, Dandy Star. Comes with iron-on patches to make it your own – you could even add Jennie Maizels clothes plasters to further customise.

Molo nylon backpack, £29.50, Monkey McCoy. Loving the whimsical fairytale print and generous size.

Cotton kit bag, £15, Hedgehog. Does exactly what it says on the bag!

Lex denim rucksack, €39.50, Esthex. Can’t beat a lion to give you some much needed courage on your first day of school.

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