Babycook Duo

Beaba Babycook Duo

When Saria ‘the bambino’ was a baby, we were gifted with a Beaba Babycook which is basically a smart, French kitchen gadget that defrosts, steams, blends and reheats food that you prepare for your baby when they’re weaning. I’d pull out a some of the ingredients from our main meal and do a steamed, baby friendly version and it was incredibly useful even though we wouldn’t even have been doing many ‘purees’ in it. I’ll admit to having steamed a few fruity desserts for myself in it too…

A few years on, and Beaba have launched a Babycook Duo which basically enables you to prepare sweet and savoury food at the same time and do big batches. At RRP £170, it’s quite a hefty investment and will really only appeal if you’re going to be putting it to a hell of a use through a couple of kids. If you’re ‘baby led weaning’ and/or already have this equipment to hand albeit in separate gadgets, this probably won’t be your thang.

The standard Babycook is £89.99 (it’s gone up a bit in price since we got ours nearly 5 years ago).

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