Around the World with Mouk

around the world with mouk

Now that the bambino is non stop chatter and questions (What you doing? Where you going? What’s this? Why you saying what you saying? are all just the tip of the iceberg), books have become wonderful adventures where she wants to point out things that she recognises and have you explain the things that she doesn’t.
Checking out the latest issue of Junior Magazine, I saw that one of our recent purchases, Around The World With Mouk has been featured.

One of those books that will grow with your child, it’s full of quirks and nuances to be discovered with each read. French illustrator Marc Boutavant has been wowing children with his French language books for years, and his cool, kitsch illustrations have won him legions of fans that will no doubt increase with this book being translated into English. Mouk, a little bear, takes you on an adventure around the world, sending a postcard from each place.

around the world with mouk
We love the animals dressed in clothes, the little conversations taking place between different animals on each page that are highlighted in comic style speech bubbles, the vibrancy and energy created by lots of little scenes taking place in one overall scene, quirks like a fox (in hat, cardi, and fluffy boots) reading a Moomin book whilst sitting on a log, and the hen and her chicks in a nest sitting between an antelope and a wild pig in Africa.
around the world with mouk
hot buy bambino goodies Marc has a a wonderful ability to capture the essence of each place that Mouk visits, with customs, foods, and symbols of each place being beautifully illustrated with humour and fun. If that wasn’t enough, it’s even got 46 reusable stickers at the back!
RRP £12.99, £11.69 on Amazon
[images via the Tate]
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