Arms Reach Co-Sleepers Bassinet


Natalie writes…

I have been meaning to feature this for ages and after featuring the wallet crunching but rather divine Sirch SIBIS Suiko yesterday, it reminded me to pull my finger out, especially as whilst this doesn’t hit the same style credentials, it is a cot that makes the whole co-sleeping thang a lot easier and gives some serious bang for its buck.

We’re personally not big on co-sleeping although The Bambino has gone through phases of sleeping with us. When she was younger she hogged the middle of the bed with us out on the edges and now that she’s older, she likes to curl up on me like a cat, or spread herself across both of us so that she is touching us. Charming…but in reality, whilst we love those times she does sleep with us, I don’t think any of us get a great nights sleep.

The Universal Co-Sleeper (R) Bassinet has changed the face of baby cots and co-sleeping because it attaches securely to any adult bed width and adjusts to multiple bed heights for maximum flexibility. Your baby gets their own environment whilst staying within ‘arms reach’ and in reality, it actually provides a much needed extension to your bed space, unless of course you’ve got a custom built bed like the ones you see in MTV Cribs…

Now whilst I wouldn’t keel over it in the style stakes, I have to give it kudos for being a multitasking product – When you’re finished using it in bassinet mode, it becomes a freestanding cot, or a changing table, or a play pen, or a travel cot. That’s fantastic value considering it’s £199.

When I think of those times when I heaved my c-section self out of bed to get her from her funky carrycot or prodded the boyf in the back, when all I could have been doing is rolling over…and then prodding him in the back to help with the change. Ahhh…

£199 from BG favourite, The Hedgepig.

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