10 Best: Babywearing accessories

I’m a devoted babywearer. Unless we’re off somewhere that will require me to carry lots of bags Kitty tends to be in a wrap (JPMBB is still our favourite). Over the course of the winter I’ve found that the usual padded snowsuit just doesn’t cut it in a wrap, so Kitty’s developed a whole sling-compatible wardrobe of fleecy jackets and leg warmers. I’m not a fan of babywearing coats – I favour a parka that zips up over the sling in inclement weather, so I haven’t included any in this round-up. Do comment if you’ve found a chic or stylish one.

Babywearing Many Months hood

Many Months merino wool elephant hood, €13, MAMidea.

Babywearing Huggalugs

Huggalugs leg warmers, £7, Big Mama Slings.

Babywearing Ergo teething pads

Ergo organic cotton teething pads, £13.90, Natural Nursery.

Babywearing Hoppediz leg warmers

Hoppediz merino and cashmere leg warmers, £12, Maverick Baby.

Babywearing Ergo weather cover

Ergo weather cover, £34.90, Born.

Babywearing Heimess wooden toy

Heimess wooden clip on toy, £8, Kangarinos.

Babywearing Many Months booties

Many Months wool booties, £21.95, Love to be Natural.

Babywearing Eye Spy mirror

Eye Spy clip-on baby mirror (for checking on your baby in back carries), £9.99, Baby Tiponi.

Babywearing RTB baby socks

Rock-a-Thigh baby socks, £12.50, Slumber-Roo.

Babywearing Mokopuna foot pants

Mokopuna foot pants, £15.



  1. Andrea F says:

    We had a fleece baby wrap with legs (like this one http://www.birdkids.co.uk/image.php?f=aW1nX0J1ZyBpbiBhIHJ1ZyAuanBn&oldW=315) that was a present from friends in New Zealand – that was fab in the Baby Bjorn – toasty legs and arms! Also some waterproof fleece lined booties from Spotty Otter (http://www.spottyotter.co.uk/en/shop/accessories/patrol-booties) – they still fit now at nearly 3!

  2. I have an Ergo winter papoose coat that keeps both of us cozy and I do’t think it’s dreadful to look at.

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