Zoo-ology I’ve been meaning to feature Zoo-ology by French illustrator Joelle Jolivet for quite a while after being tipped off by Kat a few months back.

If you’re up on your beautifully illustrated books, you may recognise Joelle’s name from BG favourite, 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental which she illustrated.

Zoo-ology is a visual delight on oversized pages (reminds me of books of my youth that used to dwarf me!) chock full of over three hundred animals in unusual groupings, giving it a feel of visiting an animal sanctuary.

Brilliant for inquisitive, chatterbox children with a penchant for animals, you’ll both be absorbed for ages and will love looking for the chameleon hidden on each page, and educating them on the popular through to the obscure. If you’re worried about not knowing what an animal is, there’s a little explanation of each one at the back.

hot buy bambino goodiesIt’s definitely bound to be a classic loved by young and old.

£7.14 Amazon. RRP £12.99


  1. I was just thinking this morning ‘I wonder if Nat featured this, I can’t recall’ CREEPY…!

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