Where to Buy…Party Gear for Under Fours

Charlie & Lola Deluxe Party Pack

We recently celebrated the bambino’s second birthday which gave me something new to shop for, party gear. I didn’t go overboard (I swear I have some restraint) and decided to use the partyware to knit the Charlie and Lola theme together.

hot buy bambino goodiesI got a deluxe party pack (£19.99) from one of my favourite stores Juicytots which saved me a lot of brainache, but you can buy pieces separately and it’s a large comprehensive section with separate Charlie and Lola and Hungry Caterpillar sections as well as a general section and one for party bag ideas. My party pack had 8 plates, cups, straws, and party bags, 16 napkins, a pack of scatter letters, a pack of balloons, a Happy Birthday garland, and 2 tablecloths. Just like the programme and their other merchandise, the Charlie and Lola partyware is really attractive, great quality gear with the trademark illustrations.

On my travels I’ve found a few other spots for picking up party gear…

<p><br/>Fab Fiesta Windmills</p> Fab Fiesta Windmills Fab Fiesta Big Butterfly Garland

hot buy bambino goodiesHeals – We held our party at my mums and they styled the garden by dotting windmills around it, which were a huge hit with the kids who ran around with them like wands and ended up taking them home with them. Get similar with the fab fiesta windmills pictured, which are 20 for £4. We also had the butterfly garland (£3) which they hung across the garden between two trees.

Pod – Another hot spot for party stuff, aside from Charlie and Lola and The Hungry Caterpillar, there’s Capt’n Sharky for pirate fanatics, lots of accessories, party bag gift ideas, and a section for Danish favourites Rice who do gorgeous melamine tableware and decorations.

bamdino veneerware plates

Bambu – As the name suggests, this is tableware made from bamboo, which is extremely eco friendly. Their single-use range will biodegrade within 4-6 months after being disposed of. £9 for a pack of 8 Bamdino veneerware plates, pictured right.

excellent value logo bambino goodies

Charlie Moos – If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, they do lovely, wallet friendly, fabric party bags (I featured them a few months back) but they have really good party fillers that are made from wood – you know I’m not good with too much plastic!

Funkydory Partybags – Lots of ideas for party bag fillers although what actually impressed me was that even though it was a small section, they have a baby and toddler party section – more stores need to do this!

Party Sprite – If your child’s interests run to some of the more commercial TV offerings, or you’re looking for specific items like a particular colour of party plates, this store has a pretty large offering. The best section is the party bags and fillers which although it has lots of branded items, it’s the packs of cards, crayons, and stickers that start from around 20p that are the handy buys.

As we left party fillers to the last moment, we found it to be a bit of a ‘mare especially as most of the guests were under 3. I ended up having to make and customise party fillers but we did find a couple of handy places.

We had a few kids under 2’s attending, so we got wooden peg jigsaws made from FSC certified wood for £1.25 each at…ASDA.

I had been told to go to Poundland (or something similar) but there isn’t one near us or in Kingston-Upon-Thames (our go-to when we’re too lazy to go to central London), so we went into Wilkinsons and got bubble blowers and a few bits. However, beware, most of these types of stores have stuff for over 3’s!

I will be putting together my ideas for party bag fillers, particularly for under 3’s that can be made, or are not too pricey, and not too plastic either! Parties are not the cheapest of affairs! If you have any suggestions for where to buy cool partyware, filler ideas, or have made your own goodies, or even have suggestions for having a hip but not budget crippling party for toddlers, leave a comment or email FEATURES at bambinogoodies.co.uk


  1. I love some of the ideas you share with us and thought I’d share my source for party bag and stocking fillers. I found http://www.tickseed.co.uk by accident (aren’t the best web sites always ?) and they have a fab selection of things under £1 and it seems to change regularly. With 2 under 6’s this is great as I can shop for them both and it looks like I may be able to get my Xmas stuff as well.



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