Wash & Brush Timer by TrendyKid

The Wash & Brush Timers by TrendyKid

Brushing teeth and washing hands are two life skills you’ll spend plenty of time instilling – from encouraging washing and brushing, teaching the importance, and of course making sure they’re done properly and for long enough.

The wash and brush timer by TrendyKid is a clever, simple gadget employing light, colours, and imagery to teach young children to spend enough time on these two life skills. Press either the hand or tooth button and the light beneath flashes green initially and flashes faster as the timer approaches the finish when it then turns red.

The hand washing timer lasts for 20 seconds and the teeth brushing for two minutes and it can be stuck or screw mounted onto the wall. A fun, practical, educational gadget that ensures that both kids and parents don’t speed their way through these important processes. £4.99 each


  1. Great idea – but does anyone else find their sprog just passing time by sucking toothpaste out of the brush while when meant to be indulging in carefully timed brushing???

    PS Liking the new look, Bambino!

  2. That is something really worth buying. I sound like a broken record reminding my 6 year old (who should know by now!) to brush properly and for longer than 30 seconds…same goes for hands washing.

    Fab new look to the site!

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