Tootsa MacGinty SS12



Next week sees the launch of Tootsa MacGinty’s second collection and after a strong first season all eyes will be on the new season clothing.

True to form the new collection is a range of clothing designed for children to look like children. The unisex and hand-me down concept remains strong with all but a couple of pieces being completely genderless.


The collection features bright colours, vibrant pastels, ginghams and stripes. Their animals are back and as well as finding them as motifs on clothing they have Summer jumpers with a squirrel, frog or rabbit on the front. Loving the peace and sunny tees and the cute stripey pants and vest set would look amazing as a swimsuit (hint hint Tootsa…)

Once again Tootsa MacGinty have created a carefree childhood wardrobe just waiting for a long dusty summer of larks. Pricing is from £16 – £32 with only two items over £30. The SS12 collection goes on sale on the 18th, next week in the shop and until then you can still bag an awesome bargain in their sale.

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