They’re Back! Fisher Price Picture Disk Camera & Change A Tune Piano

Fisher Price Picture Disk Camera


Here at BG we’re all major lovers of vintage Fisher Price toys (lot of stalking of eBay plus car boot sales / church fairs good) and I’m loving the reintroduction of the classic Picture Disk camera from 1968 and the Change A Tune piano from 1969 for modern kids to fall in love with all over again and big kids to get all nostalgic over and have a not so sneaky play with.

Fisher Price Change A Tune Piano

The camera, £22.95, comes with three picture disks, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, nursery rhymes, and animals and their babies, which as I’m sure we all remember, the disks are inserted and your child presses the shutter to move the images along. Wind the dial on the side of the piano, £24.95, for tunes or they can tinker around with the keys and play their own tunes. From Hackney based Hop! Toy Shop both online and in store.

Address: 68 Chatsworth Road, Hackney, London, E5 0LS


  1. Well, my little girl just saw this post, pointed to the camera and stated ‘oooooo like this one’. Girl’s got taste, it’s officially on the Xmas wish list now!

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