The Woombie

the woombieYou might remember from my post on the Swaddle Pod that I haven’t had much luck swaddling my little fidget. So if I were to start over, I would definitely try the Woombie (I know, horrible name, but let’s give it a chance), which claim to be ‘great for babies who are restless and in need of an inescapable swaddle’.  

The Woombie does all the usual swaddling things – comforts the baby, prevents face scratching and stops the startle reflex waking them up – but, in contrast to super-tight blankets, it won’t lead to overheating. It also claims to improve the symptoms of colic and I’m sure any parent who has suffered with evening crying will think it’s worth a punt.

It had never occurred to me that swaddling might be a bad thing, but (in an admittedly slightly doom-ridden sensationalist way), the Woombies website highlights the dangers of overheating and also restricting movement, which can lead to problems with the development of motor skills. The stretchy fabric and zip fastening ensure that arms and legs can’t escape, but can stretch – just as they would in the womb (geddit?).

They’re not the prettiest of items, but the thinking behind the Woombie, designed by nurse and ‘mompreneur’ Karen Barski, does seem to make sense. The Original Woombie, from £22.99, is made from 94% cotton with a dash of Lycra and comes in 5 sizes (I particularly like the idea of MEGA baby – sounds like a super-hero) in white with coloured detail at the neck. The ‘made in the USA’ version, £24.99, has two fabric weight options (heavier for your ‘Lil Houdini’), two sizes and a selection of solid colours – Feather Grey is my favourite. For colder climes, there’s the Winter Woombie, £26.99, in stretch fleece, which seems particularly snuggly.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has any experience of whether they work or not, but any product that makes your baby look a bit like a peanut has surely got to be worth it, no?


  1. I tried everything to swaddle my houdini baby, mothercare miracle blankets, some bespoke jumbo miracle blankets, swaddle pods, everything. Some worked for a while but eventually the little escapee weasled his way out. In desperation i typed in ‘help how do i unswaddle my baby’ into google and the woombie ad popped up. i ordered one which arrived two days before going on holiday and was so thrilled i drove for 2 hours the next to buy spares before leaving. They are inescapable from and i so wish i bought one (or 3) from day 1. I havent tried the winter one but it looks like i will be investing in that too. No they arent beautiful but a night of sleep without hourly reswaddling calls is!

    • Wow – it’s always really interesting to hear about other people’s experiences with products like this. I’m not a swaddler although I would have been if the kids had been more unsettled at night. I ‘loosely’ tried it with Grobag’s swaddle blanket which actually did help the bambino be less fidgety but I was never swaddling the arms too so it had limited use now that I see the likes of the Woombie. I saw that Ergo do a similar product although I must track down a stockist.

  2. I would definitely have tried this on my little one. He loved being swaddled but I just couldn’t get it right (I had the midwives and health visitors show me lots, but as soon as they walked out the door it all went wrong again).

    The price is reasonable, and the peanuttyness is clearly an added bonus (just think of the fab baby photos).

  3. Keith Pitts Kids says:

    Wow-fantastic idea, I wish it was available when my kids were little!

  4. Merino Kids do a great range for swaddling and their award winning Cocooi BabyWrap rocks as you have an option to have the arms in and out and the natural fibre means that the little one is insulated in the cold weather and kept cool in the heat. I would really recommend it along with the Go Go Bag. As for photo oppportunities they don’t get much better than this!

  5. that is beyond cute, out of interest does it help them sleep?

  6. Amanda Rogers says:

    Have you seen the ergococoon Its open at the end so you can even change nappies and put them in the car without waking them. Its cheaper and comes in only 1 size up to 4 months.

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