10 Best: Earth Day buys


It’s never too early to encourage little ones to start thinking about the environment and how we can protect our planet. Continuing our countdown to Earth Day next Wednesday, here’s a round-up of our best buys for future eco warriors.   PopUpShop Earth sweatshirt, £42, Shak-Shuka. Animal Rescue (Patrick George, RRP £8.99), The Book Depository. […]

10 Best: Cacti


This post started as a Mexican-themed round-up, but there were so many cacti around I decided to dedicate an entire 10 Best to the prickly little customers. Everyone from designers to indies seems to be embracing (not literally, obviously) the tropical plantlife. Julia Staite cactus softie, £12.50, The Dandy Kid. Nadadelazos cactus jumpsuit, £32.99, Olive […]

Christmas Gift Guide: Alfie, five and three quarters

photo 2 (1)

Alfie, six in April, is a budding scientist – he loves all things experimental and space-related. He’s a real nature boy and is never happier than when he’s exploring the great outdoors, but he’s also heavily into board games and puzzles. We’re also a house of bookworms and now Alfie’s able to read on his own there’s no stopping him – […]

Quut Ringo game


We featured the super-cool beach toys by Quut a while back and I love the latest addition to the range just as much. Ringo is a contemporary game of quoits with three rings and a ball. You can either throw the ball then try to hoopla it with the rings, or stand the rings up to […]

Mon Petit Art Trapecio

Mon Petit Art Trapecio sketchbook

Mon Petit Art Trapecio sketchbook is possibly the coolest sketchbook ever! The book is bound with FSC certified birch wood, it unfolds to create a trapezium and has 105 colourful pages. £21.99, Toyella.

Plui Rain Cloud bath toy


I’m on a bit of a cloud thing this week – yesterday there was Beanie on Helina cushion, now Moluk’s fabulous Plui Rain Cloud, surely the most stylish bath toy ever? Using the same principle as the much-loved Rain Balls, the cloud is suitable from two years and would make a cool, unusual gift. £9.99, Toyella.

Les Mistinguettes dolls


  Ah, les Francaises sure do know how to produce fabulous dolls. The latest models from our friends across The Channel are known as Les Mistinguettes and there are nine in total, each with individual characters and interests. My favourite is Odette, above, who ‘is secretive, loves doing the French Cancan but hates Camembert’. The dolls, […]

This Kid Loves… Cooper, 5

This Kid Loves - Cooper

Today on This Kid Loves, we get to know Cooper, 5, from Oxford. What’s your favourite toy? My London train set. What do you want for Christmas? A magic set, so I can magic up a talking gorilla. What’s your best ever Christmas present? Roller skates. What do you love about Christmas? Snowmen, toys and putting the star on the Christmas […]

The BG Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 4-5

Another age group I’m extremely familiar with, four to five year olds are incredibly imaginative – try to encourage pretend play with shops, dolls’ houses and fancy dress. They also want to get involved in grown-up activities, so a quality set of gardening tools or baking set is a great gift. Construction toys are king […]

This Kid Loves… Reuben, nearly 1

This Kid Loves - Reuben

  Today on This Kid Loves, Reuben, nearly 1, from Sussex, answers our festive questions (with help from his mama). What’s your favourite toy? Keyboard or maracas. What do you want for Christmas? Some jingly bells and wooden toys with wheels. What do you love about Christmas? I’m going to enjoy pulling the baubles off the Christmas tree and seeing […]

The BG Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 1-2

Children of this age are constantly busy – I should know as I have one! Activity toys such as shape sorters, bead mazes and hammer benches will be popular, as will stackers and simple wooden puzzles. Pretend play also starts to kick in around this time, so dolls, vehicles and small world items are also […]

This Kid Loves… Piran, 4

This Kid Loves - Piran

Today on This Kid Loves, we meet Piran, 4, from Sussex.  What is your favourite toy? My Hotwheels toy cars. What do you want for Christmas? A set of those dolls that go inside each other and there are more and more and more. What was your best ever Christmas present? Spiderman that Father Christmas brought me last year. What do […]

Quut beach toys

Quut_Ballo Pink_6006_000

Heading to the beach this summer? Forget the bog standard bucket and spade – there’s a new gang in town. Quut is a Belgian brand producing what are undoubtedly the coolest beach toys ever. Essentially reinventions of three traditional tools, there’s the Ballo bucket, £12.99, Scoppi spade, £17.99, and Triplet rake, £7.49, these are stylish […]