Original Metal Box Company owl nightlight

Owl nightlight

I’ve been missing owls in my life lately (although Kitty did get the rather fab Hedwig owl cushion for her birthday), so here’s one to make up for the deficit. I’m a huge fan of artist Clifford Richards’ work, and the powder-coated steel owl nightlight he designed for The Original Metal Box Company, £34, is […]

Miffy the Rabbit Night Lights


While I don’t go in for character products as a rule, Miffy is a definite exception. Dick Bruna’s little white rabbit is one of my favourites and I can’t get enough of her. My tummy did flip-flops when I saw these fabulous Miffy night lights at Olive Loves Alfie. Simple, pure, glowing brilliance. The larger […]

Solar Night Lights by Clifford Richards


Longtime readers will know I’m mega partial to pop art designer Clifford Richards whose work is on display at the V&A and he’s also got a great range of toys and accessories. He’s also the person behind these solar powered night lights made from mostly recycled and also recyclable powder coated steel. There’s an elephant, […]

OXO Candela Double Tooli Night Light


For about seven or eight years, I’ve been a fan of NYC based OXO’s Good Grips range of kitchen products as they’re well designed, functional and very attractive. You’ll instantly recognise their kitchenware as they tend to feature very comfortable black rubber cushion handles and they’ve now got what were originally called Candeloo lights under […]

Chiconomy Buy! Rabbit, Owl, & Toadstool Night Lights


These decorative night lights are the hotness and serious style on a budget for only £7.50-£9.50! Made from plastic and using LED lights keeping them cool to the touch, they’re highly decorative, tick the woodlands, animals, and toadstool trends, and all that’s left to decide is whether to go for a rabbit, owl, or toadstool. […]

Cool Animal Inspired Lighting for Children’s Rooms


Light up your child’s room with our current pick of stylish animal themed lamps, wall lights, and night lights. One of my favourite online stores, Nubie, really hits the right note with unusual children’s lighting by hip US brand Offi. Take your pick from either the stylish My PetLamp Dachshund Light (left) or the Howee […]

Low Energy ‘Moonlight’ Night Light


Whilst I’m a sucker for a sexy looking, funky piece, I’m equally a sucker for great, minimal design and the Moonlight night light ticks the boxes on the latter front. It’s a low energy LED light which uses the NASA technology which illuminates cockpit panels. It plugs into your normal wall socket and generates a […]

Very Cool Animal Lighting at Leigh Harmer


Natalie writes… Great children’s room lighting that dodges the run of the mill, over commercial bullet, is not easy to come by but I have found these really great animal lights made from lightweight polypropylene. Scottish designed, they can sit on a side table or on the floor and make great companion ‘pets’. They’re safe […]

Mathmos Ghost Lamp


Natalie writes… I was never a fan of lava lamps but I do like the modern day version which is the Mathmos Ghost Lamp which is made from mouth blown glass. Because it uses LED lights, the surface is cool to the touch and will certainly have your bambino wide eyed as it shifts through […]

OXO Candela Tooli Nightlights


I’ve been meaning to write about Candeloo lights (since renamed OXO Candela Tooli Nightlights) for ages! These quirky looking things are very popular night lights and they use a SafeCharge (TM) system which eliminates exposed electrical contacts. This makes them safe for your bambino to touch, say for instance when they carry them to the […]