Gardening goodies for kids

Junior Gardening Kit

Lu’s given us a round up of the 10 best gardening goodies for kids, and now spring has sprung, we’ve rounded up some more delights for your garden! Just in time for Earth Day! Kids Crate Garden Gift Bundle This one is all about healthy habits – we’re talking getting the kids out in the fresh air and growing. […]

The Secret Seed Society


I’ve seen a few seed and book packs but none so cool as the visually delightful treats from the Secret Seed Society. Tapping into the desire to educate your child about food through stories as well as through planting and watching things grow, their ethically produced kits turn create a fun experience for 3-7 year […]

YeoMinis garden tools


Alfie loves being in the garden and helping out with our vegetable patch, so he is extremely enamoured of this watering can  – a gift from his Granny Boo last weekend. I love it too – the chunky metal is a refreshing change from the usual flimsy plastic cans and the zingy shade and cute […]

Summer 2010 from Little Baby Company


Little Baby Company is easily one of my favourite online shops. I might even be guilty of staking out their new products section more than is strictly healthy. My obsession is rewarded with a veritable smorgasbord of delicious new products. Their new outdoors fun section is jam packed with both kitsch and chic products for […]

Animal Watering Cans


I’m not big on cutesy stuff but the moment I laid eyes on these animal shaped watering cans, I decided that ‘we’ had to have one, especially as ‘the bambino’, Saria, has a thing about watering, or should I say drowning the plants. There’s a bunny, dinosaur, or elephant to choose from and they’re small […]

Hot Gardening Gear for Toddlers


    Summer is almost upon us (fingers crossed) and the boyf is making lots of noises about spending lots of time out there pottering about and planting things, which offers the perfect opportunity for the bambino to develop a love of gardening. A quick scoot around the virtual high street reveals that there’s plenty of […]

Root Viewer by Toyday


Natalie writes… Despite having no interest in gardening as an adult, when I was a child, I loved watching how things grow, so my interest was immediately peaked when I spotted this bargain buy over at Ethical Superstore. From planting the seed till they sprout, the Root Viewer by Toyday enables your bambino to get […]