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Exclusive Preview: Leander Dresser

Exclusive Preview: Leander Dresser

Leander fans are being spoiled as not only have they released the new bed guard rail but now they have announced the launch of their first..

October 15, 2010 with 4 Comments
Ryeland Organic Cot Bed

Ryeland Organic Cot Bed

The design of modern cots and cot beds has improved immeasurably in the last few years and parents find themselves spoiled for choice when..

March 12, 2010 with 3 Comments
VolumeZero Furniture from Kidsonroof

VolumeZero Furniture from Kidsonroof

  We love the innovative designs of Kidsonroof who have given a whole new meaning to playing with a cardboard box. Their chic and cheerful..

January 25, 2010 with 4 Comments
Camouflage Storage Boxes

Camouflage Storage Boxes

If you have a bit of an army or jungle theme going on in your baby nursery or child’s bedroom, this set of three camouflage storage..

March 7, 2008 with 0 Comments

Leander Cotbed

The moment that we saw the Leander Cot, the boyf and I knew it was a strong contender for being the bambino’s future bed. This..

May 14, 2007 with 7 Comments
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