10 Best: Tigers

Milk on the Rocks

You guys had so much love for Love Lane’s tiger cape earlier this week, that I thought it was about time for a tiger round-up. If you’re feeling the stripy cat love, check out Moustache‘s rug as well. Raaaaawwwwwrrrrr!   Milk on the Rocks sweatshirt, £40.50, Smallable. Hand drawn tiger bag, £16.50, Penny Clare Makes Tiger cushion, £45, Becky […]

Super-cool stamps from Talk to the Sun

Super cool stamps from Talk to the Sun

We admit these aren’t the cheapest stamps around (especially when you cost in UK shipping – an extra £5), but they are possibly the coolest I’ve seen in quite some time! Talk to The Sun has an electric range of stamps covering everything from feathers to trees, to stars and towns alongside the likes of elephants, llamas, owls and little […]

Fred & Noah baby leggings

Fred and Noah baby leggings

I adore baby leggings and love the prints available in the small but perfectly formed range from Fred & Noah. My favourites have to be the giraffes, but the nautical ones have an appeal too (I am married to sailor after all!). They go from newborn to 24 months and are priced from £12. Along with the super-cute designs […]

10 Best: Dogs

Mini Rodini

From pugs to bulldogs via terriers and dachshunds, it’s hard to avoid our four-legged friends in the children’s market this season. On the high street, Next, Boden and M&S have all jumped on the canine trend. Here are ten of our favourite pieces. Mini Rodini pug dress, £40, Rowdy Roddy Vintage. If I Can Dream harem […]

Hello DODO alphabet print


This fab A to Z is the perfect way to bring a bit of colour into a nursery, little one’s bedroom (or lounge!). Those clever lovelies at Brighton-based Hello DODO came up with this vibrant font based on building blocks for their own logo and now you can own a full alphabet, £18, or a single initial, £18, […]

Back to School: Pencil cases

Modern Vintage

Once you’ve got shoes, bags, lunchboxes and water bottles ticked off the list, it’s time for the really fun stuff – notebooks and, today’s guide, pencil cases. Modern and Vintage pencil case, £12, Etsy. Zanzibar pencil case, £12, Paperchase. Wooden pencil box, £3, Culture Label. Bee leather pencil case, £17, Stabo. Embroidered felt pencil case, £10, […]

Loufoos rubber stamps

Loufoos Rubber stamps

Designed and carved all by hand, the rubber stamp sets from Loufoos are simply cool. You can buy sets which look great on their own or combined with one another in various hues look brilliant. They’re perfect for cards, scrapbooking or crafting and at just under £7 they make a great gift, too. You can […]

Whistle & Flute childrenswear

Je t'aime t-shirt, £18.51

I’ve been following Whistle & Flute‘s Instagram feed for a while now and couldn’t resist sharing their super-cute clothing line. The brains behind the business are Miranda and Ryan, who were inspired to create childrenswear designs they would wear themselves, following the birth of baby Akira. The clothes feature Kawaii clouds, geometry and slogans in […]

Like Beads

Beads for craft and jewellery

If you like beads, you’ll Like Beads! This shop has a fab selection of beads, all hand painted and varnished. There are faceted wood beads and pendants too, and prices start at just £2.90 for 6 to £18.50 for 30. If you fancy making yourself a necklace they also have a wide selection of cords. I […]

Ann Moore Little People dolls


It’s always great when your little one has a constant companion that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen out and about with. Ann Moore’s Little People meet both criteria – I can see the super-stylish dolls’ lithe limbs being clutched in a grubby little fist. Handmade in London from digitally printed cotton with embroidered […]

Pukaca printables


This foul weather is showing no sign of subsiding so crafting is king in the Mole-Davies household at the moment. For those days when you just can’t face mopping up dirty paintbrush water or trying to scrub glitter off your face, printables are a godsend. Over at Pukaca you can download and print theatres, masks, […]

10 Best: Cloud-motif clothing

Clouds Cute Graffiti

Clouds are one of those enduring motifs that often crop up on decor and furnishings – you only have to think of Farg & Form’s iconic bedding. Lately, though, they’ve definitely been on the rise on clothing, too, what with Tootsa’s cloud sweater, Maxomorra’s print PJs and Wilde & Woolley’s Young Cloudspotter Box. Here are […]

10 Best: Sweatshirts


It’s all about the sweatshirt for Alfie at the moment. First there was that M&S (yes, really) neon leopard-print number, then I spotted this super-cute cloud design. They’re fun, cosy and practical (much easier to wash and dry than a wool sweater) – here’s my top ten. Cloud sweatshirt, £20.14 (plus £7.48 p&p from Canada), WhistleFlute. Available […]

10 Best: Wall planners

V&A planner

With every new year comes renewed determination to get organised. Yes, of course we all rely on Google calendar to remember birthdays and the seemingly millions of school events, but there is something strangely satisfying about having them all written down and visible to everyone (then you can also share responsibility for the things you […]

The Great Autumn/Winter Coat Hunt 2013 (Accessories): Scarves

Scarves Hokolo

The final instalment of the accessories section of our Great Autumn/Winter Coat Hunt is scarves, of which there are many. Request to scarf manufacturers – please make designs as interesting as this for grown-ups. Thank you! Our next Coat Hunt features snow boots – do check out our previous posts: pramsuits, snowsuits, coats, coats for […]