Christmas Gift Guide: Alfie, five and three quarters

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Alfie, six in April, is a budding scientist – he loves all things experimental and space-related. He’s a real nature boy and is never happier than when he’s exploring the great outdoors, but he’s also heavily into board games and puzzles. We’re also a house of bookworms and now Alfie’s able to read on his own there’s no stopping him – […]

The BG Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 1-2

Children of this age are constantly busy – I should know as I have one! Activity toys such as shape sorters, bead mazes and hammer benches will be popular, as will stackers and simple wooden puzzles. Pretend play also starts to kick in around this time, so dolls, vehicles and small world items are also […]

Tangram Stamps by Djeco

Tangram Stamp Set by Djeco

Love this Tangram Stamp Set by Djeco with its simple geometric shapes to use in creating these fab pictures. Follow the examples to construct different animals, and then you should be all inspired to use your imagination! The set comes with 11 stamps, two washable ink pads (I like washable!) and a notebook. £6.75 from Tickety-Boo.

Djeco Zooblocks

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French toy company Djeco rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to delivering fantastically durable and good-looking playthings. Zooblocks are no exception, a kind of Meccano meets building blocks construction toy designed for the over fours. There are three designs – Dino Rex, Croc Bob and Rhino Roll – each comprising 26 pieces of […]

1000 stickers from Djeco

Djeco 1000 Stickers

If your little one is a sticker fiend, this  tri-fold binder from Djeco which holds over 1000 stickers is a must. There are 18 sheets containing animals, characters, dress up knights and pirates, flowers, numbers, letters, balloons and cars designed by the likes of Clementine Collinet, Tom Schamp and Catherine Nicola in Djeco’s comic book style. […]

10 Best… alternative (non-chocolate) Easter treats

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Not everyone loves chocolate at Easter (although mine’s a Montezuma’s dark eco egg if anyone’s asking). Alfie’s not a huge fan of sweet treats, so I like to find something different. I usually end up plumping for a Playmobil egg as they’re always a hit, but here are few eggsquisite (sorry) goodies I came across […]

Christmas Gift Guide: Dressing Up

bambino goodies christmas gift guide for cool stuff for babies and toddlers

Welcome to the BG Christmas Gift Guide 2011. We love nothing more than a well stocked dressing up box. From princesses, knights and dragons to doctors and astronauts we have something to ignite the imagination for everyone. [slideshow exclude=”17 ” auto=”on” thumbs=”undefined”] KIGU are exclusive to Selfridges this season and they have a range of […]

Niddle Noddle

Niddle Noddle Warm Sugar dolls

When I spied Kat’s mention of Niddle Noddle on her marvellous snow boots post I simply had to go and check it out. And what a treasure trove I uncovered. Established by London mamas Eilidh and Katrine, both on a quest to find something a little bit different for their children, the boutique’s ethos is to […]

BG Christmas Gift Guide 2011: 4 – 5

Lego Sort & Store Head, £39.95 From John Lewis

Welcome to the Bambino Goodies Christmas Gift Guide 2011! Here are our selections for children aged four to five. With school either on the horizon or already a daily reality four and five year olds are expressing their learning and exploration in their play. [gpslideshow post_id=”41698″ exclude=”” caption=”on/off”] I’m Toys Space Pinball Game is a […]

BG Christmas Gift Guide 2011: 1 – 2

bambino goodies christmas gift guide for cool stuff for babies and toddlers

Welcome to the Bambino Goodies Christmas Gift Guide 2011! Here are our selections for children aged one to two. This is one of the most exciting ages; they enter as a baby and by the end they are firmly a toddler. Our selections reflect these big changes from toys to ride and rock on with […]

10 Medieval Fancy Dress Ideas for Camp Bestival


If you’ve ever been to Bestival or Camp Bestival, you’ll know that dressing up is all part of the fun. Every year, organiser Rob da Bank decides on a theme for the Saturday and there’s a big parade involving as many festival-goers as possible. This year’s Camp Bestival theme is medieval, so think knight, princesses, […]

15% off at Funky Moose


Get 15% off at online family living destination Funky Moose. With a busy toy section full of lots of cool wooden buys, as well as play houses, soft toys, and more, there’s also out and about gear like Trunki’s, the ride-on suitcases for kids, decor accessories, mealtime gear and plenty more. Use the code BAMB […]