Sensational Butterflies at Natural History Museum

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Yesterday was an inset day at BG HQ and we decided to pop into London to see the Sensational Butterflies temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Featuring over 50 live butterfly and moth species from around the world in a tropical butterfly house, brace yourself for lots of butterflies flying about and some will even land on you – my silver bag and Saria’s silver crown seemed to attract them! We learned about eggs, chrysalis, and lots of facts about butterflies plus you get a card to stamp along the trail and there’s an amazing hatchery window where you can watch butterflies emerge out of their chrysalises.

On until 15th September. Tickets are £4.50 each and under 4’s go free. Note, it is super hot in there so be careful of wearing lots of layers or having to lug lots of stuff around. I felt like I was having hot flushes! There’s also a pushchair bay outside as well.

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