scooTow – the new scooter accessory for towing little ones with ease

scooTow for towing Mini Micro scooters
sccotow for towing your child on their micro scooter

You know we love a scooter accessory here at BG, especially anything that will make being out and about with them easier. A couple of years after falling for the Scoot ‘n Pull strap, along comes scooTow, a metal towing handle for Mini Micro scooters that’s screwed on with a key (supplied) and can be left on when not in use. Due to its rigidity, you have even more control and can tow downhill without it whizzing ahead like it would on a strap. It stops when you stop and moves when you move.

Towing has saved us on a number of occasions when the kids have insisted on bringing out their scooters and then run out of steam. If like us you end up bringing your scooter on days out and on school runs, we highly recommend a towing accessory as they’re also handy for when you’re bringing them up to school sans child. £14.95 each plus £3.75 P&P. Definitely worth not wrecking your arms or back!


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