Rob Ryan has to be one of the coolest folks on the block. He is one of the most talented papercut artist around and my gosh does he produce some amazing work. You can find his commissions gracing the covers of Vogue and Elle or on greetings cards and even clothing. It is fair to say that everyone wants a piece of the Rob Ryan magic and with good reason. His astoundingly intricate papercuts are beautiful and convey messages of love and hope. His shop, Ryantown, is in the heart of the supremely cool Columbia Road which is only open for business on weekends and boasts a flower market on Sundays.

I can only dream of the delights inside but if you’re lucky enough to be in London this weekend then I suggest you head over to Ryantown as they have a gorgeous range of wet weather gear which was produced in collaboration with Afternoon Tea (boy did I swoon from afar over that collection!). There are also a very limited amount of screen printed height rulers (above right) in a new colourway. Eagle eyed readers may recall one of these beauties adorned the wall in Jakob’s Nursery Tour. If you want to get your hands on these goodies then form an orderly queue at the door (and get some for me too).

If like me you are cursing yourself for not being able to drop by Ryantown then you can buy online from the Mister Rob Etsy store. Having recently made a purchase I can say that receiving a parcel from Rob Ryan is most delightful indeed.

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