Rosie Revere: Engineer

Rosie Revere

If, like my household, you love Iggy Peck: Architect, then you are going to be so excited about Rosie Revere: Engineer (Abrams Books for Young Readers, RRP £9.99). The second collaboration between writer Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts is a little gem that will appeal to mighty girls and their feminist mothers everywhere. It tells the story of a little girl, Rosie, who is a keen inventor until thwarted by a less than favourable reaction from a much-loved uncle. Her inventing goes underground until Great Aunt Rose (who is modelled on the iconic Rosie the Riveter in denim and a red and white spotted headscarf) arrives and encourages her to persevere with her dreams and schemes. A fabulous (and gorgeous-looking) tale that will teach children the importance of trying, even when you fail and hopefully encourage more girls to see engineering as a cool, desirable profession.

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