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I have a soft spot for funky dungarees seeing as I always seemed to be dressed in them as a child. Love it Love it Love it have amassed an enviable collection of dungarees which have me longing for my own childhood wardrobe.

I’m hard pushed to pick a favourite from the retro prints of the Ej Sikke Lej owl, Clothkits lion and AlbaBaby elephant dungarees to the bright colours of the Krutter jumpsuit or heart dungarees. The blue velvet brace trousers also by Krutter are crying out for a polo neck but it is the Ej Sikke Lej purple cords which I love the most – so popular they only have 3 – 6 months left in stock.

Not only do they have the best collection of dungarees on the block but they have an awesome range of tops to go with them including the superb Canboli organic striped tops for just £10 each.


  1. Good grief… The elephant ones are £45. Heart palpitations. That’s roughly the average price an adult pair of jeans costs and they last years. Lovely stuff. Crazy prices.

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for your comment. The range of dungarees currently in stock is priced from £20 to £45. Only one pair they stock is £45. In terms of spending money on a garment like that I’d never look at it in terms of one child. Personally I buy clothes to last all three of my children and then to be sold on or handed down again once they have done us so cost per wear comes right down. £45 might be a bit out of my budget (and by the sounds of it yours) but I do think it is a little unfair to brand it all ‘crazy prices’. Bambino Goodies highlights cool in every price bracket even if it makes us a little misty eyed!

      Kat x

      PS – I wear my jeans daily and they never last more than a year, I need to know where you get yours!

    • Hi Shirley,

      It’s lovely to hear that you like our clothes. Some of them are expensive,
      especially in current circumstances but the elephant dungarees are the
      single most expensive item we stock; our range starts at £6. One of the
      principles that I started Love It with was that the clothes should be good
      value, so the higher price tag items really need to live up to their cost.

      Most of the clothing labels we stock are small businesses who can’t get the
      economies of scale that High Street producers can, and are passionately
      committed to ethical trading and manufacturing, personally ensuring that
      their clothes are made by well paid, well trained adults working in good
      conditions, using high quality and often organic raw materials. The
      designers recognise the price premium this creates, and compensate by
      designing timeless garments which include adjustable features so that they
      can be worn by a single child for far longer than normal, and don’t
      compromise on construction so they’ll look good for years, and last several
      children; a couple of generations in some cases!

      • Agree Kat and Ruth. I’ll spend a bit more to see it last through both of my girls and then their cousin, and then even a future third baby and also sell/pass on beyond that. I know people who have coats by for example, Scandi brands that have been passed down through 4-5 kids. I think also if kids clothing was priced in relation to adult clothing, then everything would be a tenner and under which is unrealistic. The great thing is that there are clothes to cater to all tastes and price brackets. BG has a very specific brief of highlighting predominantly independent designers and brands with design, style, and where possible good eco credentials from the very wallet friendly to the covet-able.

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