Psikhouvanjou/Helen Dardik melamine plates

Always on the hunt for fabulousness, our old buddy Kat tipped me off about these little visions of lovely. I’m a sucker for a cool illustration and melamine tableware is a great way to snaffle a little piece of art without a hefty price tag (we already have Ingela P Arrhenius plates). These beauties are a collaboration between Canadian artist Helen Dardik and Dutch store PSikhouvanjou (PS I Love You) and are beyond amazing. I can’t decide which I love most – the horse drinking tea, the sailor dog, the fox in a shirt and tie – it’s a tough call. Not (yet) available in any UK stores, but PSikhouvanjou ships to the UK for €12.95 and they’re €5.95 each, so it’d be a false economy to just buy one…

UPDATE: Now available to buy from Peanut & Pip, £6.50 each.


  1. We love Helen Dardik too…a lot! Just to let you know they will be available in the UK very soon, as the plates and posters are on their way to our shop, and should be available online before the weekend.

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